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Thursday, August 01, 2013


I walked into the condo and caught Mia making out with Edward on the couch. She told me she was going to the condo to be alone; but instead she's trying to steal my boy toy! I was pretty upset but didn't want to seem too angry in front of Edward. I sat across from them on the other couch and watched as Mia did her handy work on him. He really was enjoying being with her and I was feeling quite jealous so I told him that if he ever wanted to fuck me again that he would need to come to me right now. He quickly got up and came over to the couch with me. I told him that I was going to give him a little dance and then I would be playing with him. I slowly stripped out of my skirt and blouse to reveal my new purple corset and stockings. I know my lingerie always gets Edward excited. As I rubbed my ass on his lap I could feel his hard dick pressing up against me. I was getting so wet thinking of sitting on his dick. I began stroking his dick while I kissed him, deeply prodding my tongue into his mouth. Mia then came over and started blowing him again. I told them we should all go into the bedroom so we led him in there. As we got on the bed all our clothes were coming off. We both took turns stroking his dick and making out with him. And then we both took turns sucking on his dick and licking his balls. I wanted to be the one to make him cum, so I grabbed his dick and stroked him off while Mia played with his balls. I got a really big load out of him and Mia and I took turns licking it off his dick. We both love the taste of cum!


Mia and I recently got a condo together for escorting and we needed some help with a few things and hanging some pictures that I hung crooked. I called my handyman Tony to come over and help us. Well he had never met my daughter, Mia before. He was very surprised to see her walk out of the bathroom and hear her call me "mom". We talked for a little bit and Mia was eyeing him as much as he was her. Every time he comes over now I can't help but always want to play with him and I knew Mia wanted to play with him too when she said, "well , is he going to be hanging pictures all day or is he almost done?" I said, "why Mia." and in unison we both said "well I would like to play with him!" After he heard that he was done hanging pictures!! He took turns looking us up and down. Slowly, Mia and I started to slip out of our clothing, piece by piece, teasing him and slipping him out of is clothes as well. We both took turns sucking on his rock hard cock. Finally he couldn't take it anymore he had to get a taste of Mia; he took turns tasting us both and our mouths would land on his cock whenever it was "available." I could tell he wanted to slide into Mia's inviting pussy so bad so I "suited" him up and he took her for a ride! They both seemed to enjoy each other very much. I knew Mia would, we have the same taste! After she came all over his cock I took him for a ride while she sat on his face; which he seemed to like a lot! I rode him until he flipped me into a different position so that he could have a better view of Mia and I both; fucking me while playing with her wet pussy! After I came all over his cock, Mia and I took turns sucking and gagging on his big cock. After a while, we laid him down on the table so he could be more comfortable to give us his load! We went back and forth until finally he gave Mia a nice BIG load of cum in her mouth and her face. He saved some for me on his pulsating cock. We kept licking the cum off his cock, his knees quivering with excitement, teasing him with our tongues! I'd say the best "work shifts" he ever has is when he cums over to my house for some playtime!


Today my daughter and I took turns sucking on Sinceres black cock. I have corresponded with Sincere a few times through e-mail. He seemed very nice and he had some very good looking pictures. I was curious to see how it would go because this was the first time Mia was ever with a black guy. She was nervous but excited. Sincere wasn't even aware that he would be a real life mother and daughter until he came over. He was very surprised and instantly excited. He wasn't shy at all taking pictures or trading his cock back and forth with the two of us which was great. He seemed to like Mia a lot and kept telling her he wanted to fuck her. After we played with his big black cock for a while I had him stand up and shoot his big load of cum into my mouth so I could swallow it all! Mia was a little upset because she loves to eat cum too. We will definitely be bringing Sincere back to play with us again! Next time we'll have him take turns fucking the two of us with his big black cock.


came home from running errands only to find my daughter Mia and my boy toy Edward in my bed!! She was blowing him as I was walked through my the door. I confronted her about what was going on and she said she just wanted to have some fun. Well at first I was jealous that she was with MY boy toy but as I talked to her more and saw Edward laying there rock hard; it started to turn me on and then I was just jealous because I wanted to have some fun too! So I decided to join in and show them both that Edward is still my boy toy, but I guess if my daughter wants to play then we will just all have to play together! I sat on his face to show him while Mia used her mouth to play with his cock. Then I got so excited that I had to jump on his cock and ride him! Then we both sucked on him for a little while until Mia couldn't wait any longer and started to ride him like she rides her horses! Since we both love cum we both teased his cock with our tongue's until he couldn't hold it any longer and Mia grabbed his cock for a nice facial. We both licked up cum off his pulsating cock!


This week I did a cock audition with Aaron. He recently graduated from college and wanted to do something wild and crazy. I told him he would have a lot of fun with me if he came over to do a shoot with me. I talked to him for a little while before the shoot and tried to make him feel comfortable. When we went into the living room he was still nervous but I started dancing for him and kissing him. This put his mind at ease and made his dick hard for me. I pulled his dick out of his pants and kissed him while I slowly stroked his dick. He was getting really hard so I squatted down and sucked on his dick while I fingered my pussy. I liked feeling his dick in my mouth. We then sat on the couch and I leaned over him and spread my legs open so he could finger me while I stroked and sucked on his dick. We were kissing the whole time too. I wanted him to cum so I had him stand up and I got into my favorite position- kneeling down with my fingers in my pussy while I took his big load in my mouth!


I walked into the living room to see if Edward was done playing his video game but he said he wasn’t. He’d been playing it all night and I would have to go to work soon and wanted to get off before I went. I decided I wasn’t going to wait much longer. I got in front of him and started stripping and teasing him with my body, lifting my skirt up and showing my breasts. I then pulled down my panties and spread my ass and this got his attention! He dropped the Xbox controller and started rubbing my legs and ass. I told him to come closer so he stood up and we started making out and touching each other. I pulled his pants down and then his boxers. I wanted to touch his dick while we kissed. It was already nice and hard for me so that excited me! I then dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. His dick felt so good in my mouth! We then sat by the fireplace making out some more while he fingered me and I jerked his dick. I was so wet and wanted his dick inside me so I had him take me from behind and fuck me. He grabbed onto my ass and moved his hips while his dick went in and out of me. I rubbed my clit hard and managed to cum fairly quickly. I then got on top of him and rode his dick. I bounced up and down while he grabbed my waist. I bared down hard and knew he would cum soon so I told him to stand up so he could squirt it into my mouth. His thick white load went all over my mouth, tits and onto the carpet. There was so much cum!


Today I was laying by the pool trying to get some sun and also did a little gardening in my bikini. I took my bikini off for a while so I could tan my breasts and then started getting turned on. I was fantasizing about Billy’s big dick and then I couldn’t keep my hands off my body. I started rubbing my breasts and fingering my pussy. It felt good but it wasn’t the real thing so I stopped and put my suit back on and decided to do some watering. I then went into my bathroom to rinse off. As I was taking my bikini off I noticed Billy standing in the door way. He was staring at me. I’m not sure when or how long he had been watching me but it instantly turned me on! As I was standing there naked I began flirting with him and was teasing him by spreading my ass and pussy and talking real dirty to him. I then got him to take his shorts off and pull his dick out for me. I kept telling him how much I wanted to play with his big dick and he let me grab on to it so I could stroke it. I then asked him if he wanted me to suck on it and of course he said yes! I then laid on the bathroom floor and told him to get over top of me so I could spread my pussy and finger myself while I jerked him off. I got the biggest load out of him yet. It shot clear across my face and landed on my head with some still left dripping into my mouth


Since we moved into our new house I’ve been planting a lot of flowers lately and having a landscaper come in to clean up the yard. It was so over grown and messy when we moved in. Today the landscaper was raking part of the yard and I asked him if he would trim the big tree that was hanging over into the neighbor’s yard. He said he didn’t have time today and that he was leaving to go to lunch soon. I told him I could make him some lunch after he finished up what he was doing. He seemed very happy to accept my offer. I had a robe when I was talking to him at the window but when he came in I dropped my robe and was wearing a pretty peach bra, panty and stockings. When he saw me dressed like that he asked me if he’d come to the right back door and I said yes it was fine and that I wanted him to see me like that. I started flirting with him and telling him how good looking he was. I then asked him to take off his shirt. When I saw his muscular chest and arms I got so excited. I told him how good he looked and that I would be making him some lunch after he ate my pussy. He was shocked but happy to hear me say that! We started kissing and touching each other. His hands were all over my tits and ass. I loved the way his fingers felt on my skin. I then unzipped his pants and dropped his boxers down to the floor. I wanted to see his dick and then realized he had a really big cock! This excited me even more. I took it in my hand and stroked it while I touched his lips with my lips exploring his mouth with my tongue. I dropped to my knees so I could take his big cock in my mouth. I sucked it from tip to base and slowly went up and down on his shaft. He then told me to get on the bed so he could eat my pussy. I laid on my back and spread my legs open. He dove right in and licked my pussy with his tongue with long deep strokes. He then lifted my ass and tongued my ass hole. It felt so good to have my pussy and ass licked! He then squatted over my face and pushed his cock into my mouth. I sucked it good and hard and choked on it a few times. I then asked him to fuck me and boy did he! He fucked me doggy style, then got on top of me and pinned me down with is cock buried into my pussy. I then got on top of him and rubbed my clit until I came. It felt so good to get fucked hard! I then asked him to shoot his cum on me and he did it all over my mouth and chest. It was a nice big load just for me!


Today I did a cock audition with Freddie. We exchanged emails and texts a few times before I had him come over. I thought he was cute when he walked in and seemed real nice but a little nervous. As we talked and went through everything I wondered if he would be able to cum for me. I didn’t want him to get so nervous and distracted that he wouldn’t be able to cum so I told him he could cum whenever he wanted to. It didn’t take long but I got a nice load out of him! I’ve been getting a lot of shy guys lately and wish I could get some of you dirty talking guys that always send me nasty emails!


This week I called Edward and asked him if he could come over. I heard he had a girlfriend now so I know she had been keeping him busy. He told me he was busy studying for his test but I was persistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I got him to say yes so I waited on the couch and started touching myself. I slid my fingers inside my pussy and tasted my juices. I was getting so excited and anxious for him to come. I peeked out the window and saw him coming up the drive way. I let him right in and began kissing him and I took his pants down. We stood there kissing and touching each other’s bodies. I then had him sit down and I stroked and sucked on his cock. His young dick felt so good in my mouth. I wanted him so bad! I then got on top of him and rubbed his dick all over my pussy. Hmm, it felt so good pushing the tip inside my pussy. I then slid my pussy down on his dick and began riding him up and down. I rubbed my clit while his dick fucked me and I came on him. I then turned around so I could put my tits in his face while I fucked him again. He then got me on my back and pulled my legs back and pushed himself on top of me. He pushed his dick deep inside me. I could feel him throbbing. I then sat on him again and stroked and rubbed his dick on my pussy until he shot his big load all over my pussy. I rubbed the cum all over my pussy and tasted it with my fingers. It tasted so good!